The Clear Orthodontic Solution

At Pleasant Valley Dental, we know crooked teeth can really put a damper on your smile and self-esteem, but so can metal braces! Nobody wants to endure several years of metal mouth, even though the reward at the end makes it well worth it. Thankfully, orthodontics has come a long way in recent years and now we don’t have to glue metal brackets and wires to your teeth to straighten them! Instead, we can use a series of removable, clear plastic aligners so you natural smile can shine through treatment.

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What is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is an American-made version of the clear aligner system, similar to Invisalign®. ClearCorrect uses a series of clear plastic aligners to gently apply pressure and shift teeth into their ideal position. ClearCorrect aligners are made from smooth plastic so they’re totally comfortable to wear, and should be worn for at least 22 hours per day. ClearCorrect aligners are removable so you can take them out for eating and maintain your regular hygiene routine for optimum oral health through treatment.

How long does treatment take?

The length of your treatment will depend on the complexity of your case. Some minor cases can be completed in just a few months, where more complex cases will take a few years. Treatment times also depend on compliance, meaning you have to wear them all day every day (with the exception of eating, brushing, and flossing) if you want your treatment to be completed on time.


Is it worth it?

Definitely! Even if your primary concern is only aesthetic, the value of a straight smile that makes you feel beautiful and confident is priceless. Confidence in your smile creates a ripple effect that radiates into all areas of your life and your relationships with others around you. You will feel more confident in yourself and smile more often, which may open up new windows of opportunity for your personal and professional life.

Aside from aesthetics and self-esteem, straightening your teeth can actually improve your oral health and quality of life! Straight teeth are easier to keep clean, so you will minimize your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. When the teeth are straight, the gums fit better around the teeth so there are less opportunities for bacteria and infections to enter.

If you’re one of many Canadians suffering from jaw tension, TMD, or chronic headaches and migraines, straightening your teeth may be a solution you never thought about. Straightening your teeth can change your bite, which in turn can ease tension in the jaw, helping to minimize pain and headaches. What a relief!

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