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Visiting Patients

Visiting Patients

Welcome—We’re Glad You Made the Trip!

We’d like to extend a special welcome to those traveling from Calgary to Vernon to become patients of Pleasant Valley Dental. We appreciate you making the trip and are honored that you chose us as your dental provider! You’ll find our services reasonably priced compared to those in your home province—and we offer exceptional care and clinical skills that will made you happy you came to Vernon.

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Why Do Prices Vary from Province to Province?

Each Canadian province has its own provincial fee guide for dentistry. The British Columbia Dental Association (BCDA) produces an annual suggested fee guide for BC dentists, while Alberta Dental Association and College produces the fee guide for the Alberta province. The fee guides are just that—guides. The fees contained in the fee guides are only suggestions that are to serve as a guide only for dentists as they determine their costs.

The team at Pleasant Valley Dental has compared the fee guide for BC to the fee guide for Alberta, and—to sum things up—the Alberta fee guide suggests charges significantly higher than the fees recommended for BC dentists to charge.

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If you have any questions about our practice, we would love to speak with you. Contact your Vernon dentist, Dr. Bicknell, Dr. Montian, Dr. Hackman, or Dr. Diamond, at Pleasant Valley Dental today!

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